Dealing with jealousy

Sometimes I've been guilty of getting a bit jealous or cynical when I see someone doing well in my line of work, or exploiting an opportunity which I feel has passed me by. It's take me a while to acknowledge a couple of fairly obvious truths that I've known all along;

1) jealousy comes from one's own dissatisfaction, and the best way to deal with it is to look at my own situation and see what needs fixing.

2) The chances are the opportunity didn't pass me by, it was available to me I just didn't see it.

3) People do well because they are working hard.

4) We are a community, and it is much better for everyone if we support one another and feel happy for the success of others.

5) Everyone's journey is different, and we will each have our moments.

6) Thank the universe for the success of others because it proves that it's possible and gives me a kick up the bum bum to get stuff done.

How do you deal with this stuff?

Robert Lane