Folking Award nomination

Robert has been nominated for a award in the Rising Star category.

Folking have been very supportive of Robert over the last couple of years and he is thrilled to receive this nomination. Voting is open to the public and it would be great to have your vote. Here’s the details from

There are five nominees in each category, all of whom have impressed our writers during 2018.

As we said last year, all are winners in our eyes, as are quite a few who didn’t make the short list. However, it’s not just about what we think, so once more, it’s down to you, our ever-growing readership, to make the final call.

To vote, choose and then ‘click on’ one of the five nominees in each of the category voting boxes below.

*The Public Vote for each category will close at 9.00pm on Sunday 31st March (GMT+1).

To vote visit the website

Robert Lane