Robert in Fatea's summer session download

Robert is featured in Fatea Magazine's Summer Session, "Memory." 

Here are the details from Fatea's website;

Fatea Announces Line Up For Memory

Fatea is proud to announce the line up for the new Fatea Showcase Session:Memory

Once again we've looked at the fantastic releases that have come through the Fatea office and put together an eclectic mix of some of the best rising names across the acoustic spectrum for your enjoyment.

Featuring 18 exceptional artist we think you'll be bowled over by the strength of the songs that will be available for you to download on the Fatea Showcase Sessions Summer 2016:Memory compilation.

01. Ashland - (Everything’s Turned To) Blue

02. Ben Maggs - The Traveller’s Song03. Boreas - North Sea Holes

04. Bearpark - Distant Fields

05. Claire Anne Taylor - My Mother, The Mountain

06. James Edge And The Mindstep - A Room

07. Hannah White - Whose Side Are You On ?

08. Jez Hellard - The Lord Giveth (Scott Cook)

09. Kitty Macfarlane - Wrecking Days

10. Madame Ceski - Flying

11. NE3Folk - Monstrosity

12. Neil Stanton - Give My Love To Rose

13. Rivers OF England - In The Barley

14. The Delta Jacks - Trouble Ahead

15. Threaded - A Secret Charm

16. Hogie - Rome

17. Samantha Whates - Three Miles Left

18. Robert Lane - My Love’s In Deep

 "Memory" will be the 33rd download in the Fatea Showcase Sessions series and is available from 00:15 on the 1st of May. It will be available for three months only.

The download comes to you at no charge. Support the artists involved by listening to the download and then more of their songs, buying their albums, going to their gigs, writing about them on Facebook, publicising them on Twitter etc.

The 2016 Fatea Showcase Session Front Covers are artworked by Daria Kulesh


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