Bournville Guitar Club

Bournville Guitar Club

Monday nights 7.30pm-8.30pm

An informal session in a small group.

Contact Robert for details

Student Testimonials

“As a seventy year old beginner of the guitar I could not have chosen a better tutor. You do push us to learn but it is a pleasure to be in the class with you and the other pupils.”

Geoff Davis

When learning the guitar, an important skill to achieve is the ability to play along with other players.  Rob’s guitar club provides you with this opportunity.  It also gives you an excellent opportunity to learn and practice new skills provided from Rob’s experience, tutorship and expert guidance.”

Pete Done

"I'd never even picked up a guitar before starting the group lessons. A year later I feel confident about trying new pieces of music, both in the lessons and out. Robert is an engaging teacher who encourages us all to have a go, regardless of whether we always get it right or not. He manages to get us all playing as a group, even if some of us are more advanced than others."

Georgia Stott