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Robert Lane is a singer songwriter based in the UK. He released Only a Flight Away on the 27th of April. This is Robert’s third record following his self-titled debut album and his 2016 extended EP Ends and Starts.

Fatea Magazine have described Only a Flight Away as “an outstanding release…one of the first essential albums of 2018" and the album has been album of the week or featured album on several radio shows including Along The Tracks, Roger William's World of Difference, Gary Hazlehurst's Folk Show, Magpie's Folk Cafe and Liz Franklin's Eden Folk Show. 

Robert has toured extensively in the UK as a support for artists including Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling, Nell Bryden and Bob Fox. His spring 2018 solo headline tour to support Only a Flight Away has recently concluded and included a 5th trip to Germany and first visit to Holland. In June 2017 he completed a joint headline tour with Nashville based singer Kyshona Armstong.

Robert was chosen by the LG Arena to perform in the Forum Live area of the arena before concerts by Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Ellie Goulding and John Mayer. In July 2015 he once again performed at the newly re-branded Genting Arena before a concert by Fleetwood Mac.

In August 2013 he was selected to attend a song writing retreat/course with Kinks front man Ray Davies.

Praise and reviews

Robert Lane attended my songwriting course at Dartington in 2013. Robert responded well to composition and exercises given. As the course became more intensive his progress was excellent throughout. I am pleased to recommend Robert to continue his music and develop his writing so that he can reach his full potential.” Ray Davies songwriter and frontman of The Kinks

"a talented songwriter and singer. EP Ends and Starts is full of deceptively simple songs with clever and witty lyrics across a range of styles.R2 Magazine

"Check out the vibrant new song from Robert Lane.Telegraph Music

"Lane is a charismatic presence on stage, engaging with the audience and injecting the odd moment of levity into the event. While that levity doesn't always make it into his music (there aren't a lot of laughs in songs such as Break My Heart Blues), his music never fails to draw you in.Adam Jenkins, Fatea Magazine

"A great talent to work with.Neil King, Fatea Magazine and Busk Love Folk Festival

"Robert Lane is making a bit of a splash across social and other media just now, due to an engaging manner and a lively presence.Fatea Magazine

"Here is a catchy tune married to clever words – once upon a time it would have been a hit single. It is a perfect feel-good song."

"Rob himself is enviably upbeat with a voice that is crystal clear...She Dances In The Mind

"Lane has a strong, clear voice...Lane has been influenced by many styles but he also has a definite talent as a songwriter.Folkall

"His confidence, wit and persona reflect a performer born for the stage...he is surely set to thrive in the future on both the local and wider
singer-songwriter circuit.
Three Chords and the Truth

Great songs, incredibly talented guitar player and great vocals as well!" hitting all the right notes

Thoughtful melodic songs; well crafted; and, I believe, lyrically highly personal.” Phil The Music Quill

"I could just talk to him for ages… We loved having him in…Louise Brierley BBC WM

"Wish him all the success, great interview, fascinating guy.Brett Berks BBC WM

(his) songs all have a fantastic melodic core…really intrigued by the melody…it’s particularly sweet.” Alan Clifford BBC Radio Nottingham drivetime

"One of the most catchy and unforgettable choruses I have heard all year, an out-and-out stomper." Music Musings and Such

"How infections is that though? you can not but feel amazing just listening to everything he's put into making this song sound so damn good.Robb Powell, Band of Badgers Podcast

Reviews for Only a Flight Away

an outstanding release…one of the first essential albums of 2018.” Fatea Magazine

"‘Far Too Busy’ has one of the best opening couplets I’ve heard in years...This is a bloody good record."

"a marked increase in confidence and prowessThe Mike Davies Column

"his momentum is building and his playing skills are very strong... an interesting release that enhances a growing reputation as Robert Lane continues to hone his signature sound." Lonesome Highway

"Impressive in its scope, ONLY A FLIGHT AWAY is almost a compendium of styles...bluesy Baby Knows could not be more different from Hoping for Anything (But You), yet they're both distinctly Robert Lane through and through." Northern Sky Magazine